Manicures & Pedicures

Whether you’re looking to be pampered, create a new look, or release painful symptoms in your hands or feet, Cosmotique has you covered. There are many benefits to getting manicures and pedicures such as promoting faster nail growth, keeping nails and cuticles healthy and strong, and releasing stress and tension in your hands and feet.

Nothing beats being pampered, especially when it involves walking away with a fresh set of moisturized, revitalized, and beautiful nails for weeks.


It’s vital to take good care of your hands being that this is one of the most exposed parts of your body. Your hands come into contact with various outside elements that can accumulate grime and dirt over time. It’s important to treat, exfoliate, and protect your hands on a regular basis from the harsh environment they come into contact with—and a manicure from Cosmotique does exactly that.

A manicure will promote nail health and growth, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize hands, and relieve stress from your aching hands. Manicures not only have many health benefits, but are also extremely aesthetically pleasing. Professional lotion and massaging exfoliate and moisturize the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles in your hands, while revamping your nails with a new polish or shellac for an instant confidence boost.

Spa Manicure 45 min | $35
Polish Change$15
Gel Polish$30
Gel Polish with Manicure$50


Your feet undergo immense amounts of wear and tear every day creating calluses, dried, cracked, and rough skin conditions that are not only unappealing to the eye but also create extreme discomfort. Receiving pedicures can remove and exfoliate those skin conditions while also improving blood circulation to extremities to reduce pain throughout your feet and even body.

Pedicures can also help get rid of and prevent fungi and other skin ailments to help maintain and protect your feet. Getting a pedicure will help promote your nail and skin health while leaving your feet pampered and relieved with a fresh set of manicured nails and cuticles.

Spa Pedicure 60 min | $50
Polish Change$15
Gel Polish$30
Gel Polish with Pedicure$65